Real Estate Documentation (房地产文件)

We provide professional service to process any documentations that you may need for your property. Whether it's buy, sell or lease, you can have your peace of mind as we will take care of them for you.

For those with old property titles, we can help you convert it into eTitles for the safety and security of your ownership. The eTitle will prevent anyone from duplicating your titles. 

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我们提供的服务, 将您的旧产权转换为电子电子标题, 以确保您所有权的安全和保障。 电子标题将防止任何人复制您的标题。 如果您有任何进一步的查询,


Real Estate Property Finder (房地产物业查找器)

Whether it's a lot, house, warehouses or buildings, we can find and provide options that are available to help our clients make the best investment decisions therefore saving their precious time and effort.

无论是地段, 房子, 仓库或建筑物, 我们可以找到并提供可用的选项, 以帮助我们的客户做出最好的决定, 从而节省他们宝贵的时间和精力。

Real Estate Management Services (物业管理物业)

We assist client to sell, buy, lease, rent or invest in properties.

A PRC licensed Real Estate Broker & member of QCRB-PAREB (Phil. Association of Real Estate Brokers). Affiliated to AJRC MARKETING


中国特许房地产经纪人和 QCRB-PAREB (Phil. 房地产经纪人协会) 成员。 聯盟 AJRC Marketing

Real Estate Local Investment (房地产投资)

We've a range of pre-selling & ready for occupancy (RFO) units for your choice of investment.

From developers like Ayala, SMDC, Federal, Rockwell, Filinvest, Megaworld, Robinson, DMCI & Greenfield.

我们有一系列的售前和准备入住 (RFO) 单位, 供您选择投资。

从开发商, 如 Ayala, SMDC, Federal, Rockwell, Filinvest, Megaworld, Robinson, DMCI 和 Greenfields..。

We build your dream house (建造你夢想中的房子)

We can help you build your dream house.
With our partnership with several developers who can help build your dream house.
No matter what your budget is, our architects and engineers would be there to work with you according to our needs.
It's like having your own team of consultants with you during the construction.


Real Estate Property Development (房地产开发)

We support low to high end commercial and/or residential property developers by providing them with potential properties to invest.
These investments are for their future projects.

We also provide various insurance protection for construction projects to protect the owners, employees and machineries from accidents such as the CARI (Contractor's All Risk Insurance) and Performance bond to name a few.

我们支持低端和高端商业和住宅地产开发商, 为他们提供潜在的物业投资。



Real Estate Property Insurance (财产保险)

Protect your hard earned investment from any unforeseen future events in life. We offer a wide range of coverage to give you peace of mind.

From fire, earthquake to riots, strikes & malicious damage to name a few.

保护您辛苦挣来的投资, 使其免受生活中任何不可预见的未来事件的影响。我们提供广泛的保险, 让您安心。


Corporate Social Responsibility (企业社会责任)

As part of our social responsibility, we support CBN Asia, The 700 Club Asia, Operation Blessing and World Visions in their effort to save & transform lives in the poorest communities of our country.




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