Japanese ingenuity and craftsmanship applied at ‘The Seasons Residences" (日本的独创性和工艺 适用于 "The Season Residences")

Date: Apr 22, 2021

Japanese ingenuity and craftsmanship goes into ‘Season’

There has always been a deep reverence for Japanese design and architecture globally because of it's simplicity and functionality.

This comes as no surprise as many admire that profound fusion of cutting edge technology and innovation with time-honored Japanese design principles and rich historical culture; as well as that seamless mix of tradition and nature with futuristic designs and modern aesthetics fit for the contemporary times. Japanese design and architecture, after all, is where functionality meets aesthetics, and tradition meets the future.

“Japanese design finds beauty in simplicity, functionality and honesty. There is a strong reverence for nature. But also there is a strong focus on function and experimentation. This allows Japanese architecture to evolve and suit the changing times and lifestyle,” explained Masakazu Kimura, head of global design at Nikken Sekkei.

“In Japan, architecture was meant to work with, not against nature. Japanese architecture is designed to be continuous and synergistic with the outdoors. Rather than being separated from nature you are immersed in it,” Kimura added.

Celebrated Japanese standards

In the Philippines, many have come to admire Japanese aesthetics as well. Soon, Filipinos will have that opportunity to capture a piece of it in their homes. This is made possible by Federal Land. The developer who brings to the country a premier, Japanese-inspired four-tower residential development in the heart of a progressive business district.

The Seasons Residences, set to rise in Bonifacio Global City, will be a mixed-use complex featuring upscale residences, curated amenities and the first Mitsukoshi mall in the country. It is being built by Sunshine Fort North Bonifacio Realty Development Corp., a joint venture between GT Capital group’s property arm Federal Land and Japanese firms Nomura Real Estate Development Co. Ltd. and Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd.

The Seasons Residences

The Seasons Residences

The Seasons Residences will bring to the country much celebrated ingenious Japanese innovations and timeless designs that are poised to elevate known standards of comfort, convenience and functionality of spaces. 

Working to recreate this standard in the country is an elite roster of experts that includes the world-renowned Nikken Sekkei, an influential entity on the fields of architecture, urban planning and designing as evident in its more than 25,000 projects across 50 countries. The firm has collaborated with Casas+Architects and GF & Partners to bring the Japanese aesthetic vision into Philippine residences.

The Seasons Residences Japanese

“We wanted to bring Japanese design and lifestyle to the Philippines. But rather than building something that was wholly Japanese we brought the concept of Japanese living to the Philippines. 

A place that has the high quality and attention to detail of Japanese design but where both a Japanese and a Filipino will feel at home,” Kimura said.

Shared vision

Casas+Architects founder and CEO Ar. Carmelo T. Casas pointed out that in designing The Seasons Residences, they made sure that both cultures will complement one another.

“While The Seasons Residences offers a Japanese identity, Filipino core values of simplicity, functionality, elegance and resilience were made evident on this project. 

The Japanese pattern on the façade design is a shared vision that serves as a bridge to Philippine and Japan design. 

As for the layout, spacing and amenities, the main consideration is the family-oriented culture which both Filipino and Japanese possess,” Casas explained.

The Seasons Residences

According to Casas, the residential layouts take into account Japanese spatial composition such as providing floor storage, and an independent plumbing system within the sunken slab for each unit. Such Japanese characteristics will soon allow future residents to experience the elevated Japanese lifestyle.

“The Seasons Residences is a product of innovation yet remains familiar and relevant to the Philippines,” he further stressed.

Similarly, GF & Partners Architects also ensured to seamlessly merge Filipino and Japanese design and cultures.

“While The Seasons Residences offers a distinctive Japanese aesthetic, it still embraces the core cultural value of purpose, comfort and experience among Filipinos. 

The modern amenities create the perfect balance between purposeful living, accessibility to luxurious amenities and a relaxing place you can call home,” said Frances Camille R. Parado, head interior designer at GF & Partners Architects.

“Guests of residents can experience living in an authentic Japanese home at The Guest House located at the amenity level. Integrated with Japanese design elements like tatami mats, Japanese wallpapers, shoji screens and beautifully crafted furniture, the Guest House transports you to Japanese living,” she added.

Utmost comfort, safety

But what makes The Seasons Residences highly valuable is the fact that it will not only offer comfortable home spaces but also lush landscaping and amenities—which meant that everything needed for daily life, shopping, commerce, recreation are within the same building.

The Seasons Residences

“Most of the new ideas in the project are actually hard to see but provide safety and comfort in daily life. For example, we explored new ways to provide storage including the below floor kitchen storage. The sunken slabs or the below floor drainage system in all units mean added protection from leaks and ease in future renovation. Seismic dampers and card controlled security zones protect the building from crime, earthquake and typhoon,” Kimura explained.

“The partnership behind The Seasons Residences was deliberate in bringing Japanese lifestyle, design and traditions to Philippine real estate products. Federal Land has great respect for Japanese housing culture and wanted to recreate that in Manila. We accepted this challenge looking deeply at Japanese domestic life extracting lessons that could be applied to a modern Manila family residence. The Seasons Residences is a result of the process of updating and synthesizing these ideas for the Philippine context,” he further said.

“The Seasons Residences has always been designed to provide an elevated living experience. We make sure that every space is efficiently planned and reflects both modern Japanese living and Filipino hospitality. That is why we are so glad that this product is very well received by the market. The success of the first two towers Haru and Natsu validates that we are truly fulfilling our vision of providing high quality homes. We are looking forward to the launch of the third tower before the end of 2021,” Federal Land executive vice president Catherine C. Ko shared.

Reference:   -  @inquirerdotnet - Amy R. Remo